SunTek Paint Protection Film -Clear

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SunTek paint protection film is an optically clear film that can be installed on both new and used vehicles! It can be applied to the surfaces of your car that are painted, such as the mirrors, bumpers, fender and hood to protect against debris. The purpose of paint protection is to protect the areas of your car that get impacts from road debris like rocks and bugs the most that you frequently see on freeways and roads. Regardless of whether you own your car or lease it, SunTek paint protection film can save you money on car repairs.


Innovative paint protection surface


Technically advanced self-healing top coat


Unrivaled durability and optical clarity


Available in high gloss and matte finish

Paint protection patterns are computer cut and available through a database. If you are looking for more coverage, Tint Plus can do a custom finish  with our database XPEL.

  • Tint Plus is an authorized dealer of SunTek Paint Protection, a leading industry film. SunTek clear bra is a scratch and crack resistant paint protection.

  • Paint protection film is made of an 8 mil* plastic urethane. Paint protection film was originally made to protect helicopter blades during the Vietnam War from being ruined by debris. Since then, paint protection film is used by car manufacturers as well as NASCAR teams to protect the vehicles from debris.

  • While there are several factors that determine the quality of a paint protection film installation, having experienced and qualified installers is key. Tint Plus has been in business for over 35 years and we pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship and attention to detail.

  • The warranty coverage includes the Paint Protection Film be free of defects in the material and manufacturer- including yellowing, bubbling, or cracking. Tint Plus warranties all installations to the customer’s satisfaction.

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