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Llumar Formula One Window Tint Series Options

llumar formula one stratos series

New Hybrid-Matrix Nano-ceramic for maximum heat protection.

Llumar Formula One Classic Series

Exceptional value with the latest in dyed film (tint) technology.

llumar formula one pinnacle series

Designed to work with today’s advanced automotive electronics.

Llumar formula one air blue

AIR Blue film provides extreme solar protection without dark tinting.


Tint Plus - Licensed Formula One Auto Tint Dealer

Exclusive Llumar Select Pro Window Tint Dealer of Formula One


  • Enhance your car’s appearance

  • Block up to 65% of the sun’s heat

  • Block up to 99.9% of upholstery-fading UV rays

  • Orange County’s only licensed Formula One Auto Film dealer

  • Auto dealer approved


  • Proudly serving Orange County for over 35 years

  • Nationwide transferable lifetime warranty

  • Over 99% UV protection

  • High heat rejection films ranging from 26-65%

  • Supported by the Skin Cancer Foundation

Car Tinting blocks 99% of harmful UV rays

Car Tinting blocks 99% of harmful UV rays


Formula One is a program developed by CP films, the largest window film manufacturer in the world. It is a comprehensive program designed to differentiate and highlight certain “elite” shops around the country.

With so many window tint shops and mobile operations, the history of the industry has been a feeling of “Here today, gone tomorrow.” A “Lifetime” warranty is not any good if the company who installs the tint goes out of business. CP films provides a manufacturers warranty that is honored at any Formula One location across the country. This is why the Formula One program was created. It is a network of affiliated dealers that have the exclusive rights to sell only the best films on the market today. Each Formula One selected shop must be carefully screened to meet strict criteria to sell and install this exclusive series of films.

All Formula One locations must have factory trained employees ensuring customers confidence that whatever location they go to, the installation will be top quality every time. Also, the shop must have a strong history of satisfied customers and many years experience. Formula One also has the exclusive rights to the Pinnacle series, the only true Automotive Ceramic film on the market today.

These are just a few of the many benefits of choosing Tint Plus as your Authorized Formula One dealer. The best way to decide on who you choose to tint your car is to visit our showroom and see first hand why thousands of customers come back again and again to the Tint Plus and Formula One.


Ceramic technology is the newest development in the Llumar Formula One program. It was designed to combat the reception problems created by many new cars manufactured with radio and GPS antennas integrated into the rear window. The Formula One “Pinnacle Series” is the only true ceramic automotive window film available today.

Although films containing metal provide a high amount of heat rejection they often can interfere with AM radio and navigation signals. Prior to ceramic technology, the only option was a dye-based film offering no interference, but lacking any significant heat rejection.

With ceramic technology and the new Pinnacle Series, customers get the best of both worlds, no radio or navigation interference with double the heat rejection of a standard dyed film.

The Pinnacle series is also perfect for the customer who doesn’t want a very dark look but wants the performance of a darker film. The Pinnacle series light shade offers 49% heat rejection with no dark appearance. This even outperforms the metalized technology.

Visit our showroom today for a demonstration of the Pinnacle series and learn why ceramic technology may be right for you.